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Fine-Art Cinema Boutique

Welcome to TVE Productions! As an accredited, award-winning cinema boutique, we specialize in crafting personalized, handcrafted cinematic love stories by discreetly documenting your wedding day. Feel free to explore our website, and we eagerly anticipate connecting with you.

fine art cinema from $3,995.00


tve productions awards
tve productions toronto wedding videographer awards

Toronto Wedding Videography

We're a proud group of cinematographers, and why shouldn't we be?!

We take immense pride in being showcased in these esteemed establishments and for the recognition bestowed upon us through the years.



tve productions Vince Calamia

Thanks for stopping by :)

To begin , I want to express my gratitude to God and everyone who supported us during early stages of our business. Additionally, I would like to thank all of our previous clients who have helped us reach the position we hold today. We owe our success in the industry to you, and we appreciate it immensely!

Our crew of professional cinematographers use only high-quality digital video equipment to film each event, ensuring that the end result fulfills the client's every expectation. My cinematic crew is not made up of freelancers, but rather dedicated professionals who work exclusively for us, allowing us to continue to be an in-house award-winning cinema studio. With a highly distinguishable style and technique, TVE Productions is the go-to choice for clients looking for nothing but the best in video production services.

Thank you for making my dreams come true.

- Vince


37.8545° N, 15.2889° E

Nina é Simone, Taormina, Sicily, Italy

43° 51' 59.9436'' N79° 29' 27.1104'' W

Giovanna + Paul. A Country Club Affair


Contact Us

Contact Us

“The secret of joy in work is contained in one word – excellence. To know how to do something well is to enjoy it.”

- Pearl S. Buck

bride and groom hugging

The Studio

63-130 Bass Pro Mills Drive, Vaughan, ON. L4K-5X2


Thank you for submitting! We look forward to chatting soon!

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